Yesterday was bittersweet. After such a short time connecting to many. Sharing…

Today I leave, I walked the campus this morning. Saying my farewells. Going back to the world. Campus is immersed with staff and volunteers striving to share the gospel, loving unconditionally. Plus growing in Christ. Being blessed to witness God’s hand here in the small town of Toalmas.

I not only pray  for those here on campus. I pray for ALL of those who haven’t committed and committed wholehearted to my dearest ABBA. All in His timing.

Summer Camp 2018 ends and preparations begin for 2019 (more…)

GK-WOL Friday afternoon


Some excepted the gift, others heard about the free gift and ran to receive it;  then others knew they didn’t deserve it, rightly so. They too accepted with sorrow and grief. Also those who knew and witnesses rejoiced…

Each touched by His gift of eternal life. Only He knows the end of each person’s story. I pray that All remain in His care and share of His Love and grace..






GK-WOL Friday


Saturday the 18thof August: Soon to be leaving: Flight AA 97, leaves at 11: 30am. The plane arrives in Philadelphia @ 4pm, the layover. I leave for Dallas AA 2609 @6:22 and arrive in Dallas @ approximately 9:19pm. God willling.

I found out about this website about superheros.  eslkidstuff.’com;also eslteenstuff.com

Stats this summer at WOL camp as of Wednesday 952campers, 118 salvation and 217 rededications


Wednesday highlight…

Do you remember Dan Bubar? He was one of the first missionaries who came to Hungary. He died in a car accident at the age of 29. Each Wednesday in camp we perform a drama based on his life. 26 young people dedicated their lives to Jesus after this drama last week. Praise God!

What a blessing:

This week there were many more youth going up to make a commitment /rededication. A comment Jake made was that this was the most youth he had seen go up all summer. Jake is a Bible Institute student.

I was at the snack shack and saw one of Janet’s students,Lidi. Lidi’s  basketball team won tonight. She also comforted her friend, that made a commitment. Lots  of tears of joy among so many tonight.



Writing here early Wednesday: I ask myself, How can I bring glory to God? I’ll see what My LORD has to gives me to share. The day is young…

Yesterday I was blessed with three devotions… Our true hope, bringing glory to God and reaching for hope, no choice is a choice.

The hope in eternal life. Struggles, obstacles,weariness… the list can be exhaustive. My hope and faith in Jesus keeps me going. I have a superior example Job. I remember His promises and faithfulness. He never leaves me.

When I am passionate  and work wholeheartedly. I am creative. I do my best. My guide is there to bring boldness in whatever circumstance. I am reminded to pray to remember the goal. Magnify my LORD.

My life has had its challenges. Without God I was empty, an extremely sad person, wanting to die everyday. My life with my beloved ABBA, He has changed me. I grieve for those who chose not to follow in His steps. Everyone come. Jesus loves you soooo much. Just reach out He’s waiting.. Today, tomorrow and always..

Charlie you are remembered foundly(snack shack) open for business with grace abounding. I thank God.



gk – WOL Monday

Devotionals every morning: 7:30ish.

Please pray for Jennifer and Sheryl. It’s there first year here and they are overwhelmed. Having lots of material, but where to begin. Along with being exhausted.

I shared Janets wisdom, remembering I had  lots of ideas and where to go with it. Categorizing and keeping to one topic each day. And PRAY PRAY PRAY for direction.

A student was added to our group Tamara. She wanted to be with her friend Janka.

Ed was well received. A stuffed animal that students will take a picture of in different situations. Each will share in class what Ed did. ED belongs to Janet and is being well taken care of.

Preparation for class was too easy. Changed gears with Jake’s help. Thankfully the group has been challenged and learned. The group is very receptive., honest, and gave feedback on what they liked. This helps a lot.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Shalom Georgina