Last Day at Camp

Well it’s hard to believe that we are already coming to the close of camp here in Hungary but oh what a final full day of camp it was!! We all rolled out of bed this morning wide awake and full of energy (This is not true) and we had the opportunity to serenade the camp with a beautiful rendition of 10,000 Reasons (Come at me Matt Redman). I have been coaching football this week and today us coaches put on the flags and went to battle on the gridiron with our Hungarian friends. 11 on 11 flag football is not the safest thing in the world and we all have the bruises to prove it but it was one of the funnest parts of camps for me and it was cool to see some of the students start taking on coaching roles themselves and encouraging their teammates! 

After our separate camps today, Laci and
Szandra had us over to their house for ice cream, cake, coffee and fruit (or as us Swedes like to call it, FIKA!!) This was such a pleasant time of fellowship and refreshment after a crazy week of camp! After we got back to camp we had our final football, baseball and english lessons. Many of those who are WOL vets had told me how much they enjoyed giving gifts to the students at the end and now I know why! For football, Clark had collected Texan flags (This Illinoian just received his first Texan flag himself) to give to the players which we were all able to sign and give to each other. Three of the guys also received
footballs for their hard work over the week. We were then surprised by the players who had gifts for us as well! Each of the players sincerely thanked us for coming to coach and care for them. One of the players told me “you guys are a light to us here in Hungary” hearing this was such an encouragement to hear after all the preparation and spiritual warfare we have experienced over the past several months and especially during the first few days of the mission.

We closed the night with a hotdog dinner and then a game of water baseball (slip and slide style) which was painful but so so fun! There was such joy throughout the camp and not because camp was ending but because of the relationships that had been developed, the lessons that had been learned and the love of Christ that is so prevalent throughout the camp.
We love you guys and are so thankful for your prayers and support! God is using this camp in so many amazing ways and hearing more about their vision moving forward fills me with such excitement! Please pray for God’s continual blessing upon this ministry as God’s name if lifted up at this camp.

~Brooks Nesse

Fellowship in Christ

Today’s schedule was different from the usual camp routine. We all loaded up into buses and went to a waterpark for a few hours. During the bus ride, I had the opportunity to get to know one of our teammates more. It was an opportunity I had been hoping for. Nothing on this trip has been a coincidence—whether good or bad. God has a reason for everything and His sovereignty has been powerfully demonstrated through the obstacles we’ve faced so far. We spent the day in and out of the pools and slides, chilling in the shade/sun, getting sun burned and eating cold treats. Later in the evening, we all gathered back at camp for the bonfire where students got to share their testimonies with the rest of the camp. It was a very special time in which we got hear how God is changing the lives of the youth in Hungary.

There’s this supernatural joy and strength that comes from laughing, crying, praying, and talking with our brothers and sisters in Christ, even if we don’t always understand the language.

Tomorrow will be our final day with the campers. Please be in prayer for the following:

  • Continued health and safety for all campers, volunteers, and staff.
  • Open-hearts of the campers for the Gospel.
  • Kenedi is still recovering from her seizure and is awaiting results from the doctor. Please pray that she would continue to find strength, peace, and joy in the Lord during this confusing and hard time.
  • For God’s protection over the camp as spiritual warfare continues.
  • Pray that we will not forget the sole purpose of our missions trip.
  • Pray for Katherine as she gets ready to face a new chapter of her life here as a student at Word of Life Bible Institute for a year.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

A Day in English Class

A fourth trip to Hungary cannot be compared to the first, second or third; each one having its own special trials and blessings, and yes they often go hand in hand. Lorena and I have had the honor and privilege to teach seven (six girls and one boy) advanced English students. It can often be a challenge to teach those who already have a good grasp of our language. We want the time that they spend with us to be well spent so we found a list of twenty three new words that they had not learned yet, one of them being, ‘conundrum.’ They were very grateful to add these new words to their vocabulary. Mission accomplished!

Speaking of missions we have had a couple of opportunities to share with our class what our mission is. Yes, to teach them English, but more importantly to share the gospel. Today we stressed the importance of not turning away from what they have heard and what they have been given. We asked them to consider their salvation and to trust in a God who loves them and died for them. Please pray that God would tear down any strongholds or obstacles that would keep them from trusting in Christ. We thank you for the prayers that have been prayed for our trip and mission to WOL Hungary.

Gail Rodgers

Hungary 2017: Day 2

I was so blessed to be a part of this mission trip to Hungary. Although we had a rocky start, you know the usual such as a three hour flight delay, being separated on different flights, and one of our group members tragically falling ill it has been amazing so far. Being in Hungary is absolutely surreal seeing how everything is so different in a good way. The architecture is so breathtaking it makes you feel as if you time traveled to a another time period with all the castles and rustic houses. This is actually my first time in Hungary and even out of the country in general. Each day I have the feeling of growing curiosity and childlike wonder for the culture and people. The campers and staff are so nice and welcoming here, its not the same comfort as being at home but they make it feel practically the same. The one thing I was scared about was the food but rest assured it was delicious, I want to steal all of their recipes and take them back to America. Sharing the word of God has been so empowering and helps me grow my faith every day. When people share their testimonies I feel the power of the holy spirit flowing through me and you can see it in the campers as well. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store and hope to continue to make life long memories.

Sigourney Weaver and Ella Avila

Spiritual Warfare

August 5: Fourteen of the twenty two team members bound for Hungary arrived safely at Word of Life Camp in the wee hours of morning. Eight of the twenty two stayed behind overnight in London. It was not such smooth sailing this year for Redeemer’s Hungary missions team.

After a couple hours of sitting on the plane bound for Heathrow airport, the captain announces that everyone must exit the plane so he can reboot it. After a successful attempt at fixing the problem, which proved to be an error on the computer end, we all arrived in London, only to be told that the initial delay also meant we could not all fly in together to Budapest.

After the group separated, eight of us waited at Heathrow for further instructions. One of the eight, Kenedi, suddenly collapsed and started convulsing. Thankfully her large backpack softened the fall and prevented her from hitting her head. The medics arrived quickly and we all prayed anxiously. Kenedi and Bert then proceeded to go to the hospital, while the rest of us went on to a hotel. Kenedi and her family have a clean medical record of any epilepsy and seizures, so pray that her health will be restored. Unfortunately, Kenedi will not be joining us at camp, and she is scheduled to fly back to Dallas on August 8. Bert will fly into Budapest a little later on the same day.

Please be in prayer for all of us as we believe that spiritual warfare is very much alive. Pray for Kenedi’s safe return and good health, for Bing’s family in the recent loss of Auntie Tess, and for the Lord’s continued protection over our group. We are so thankful for the hospitality of the Reyes family and for God’s sovereignty amidst all the chaos. We begin English and sports classes tomorrow morning. Pray that our fruit here will be extra bountiful, and that Satan would be intimidated by our relentless work for the Lord, despite the obstacles we’ve faced and may continue to face. God is good and we are so grateful for His protection and sovereignty. May He be glorified!