Wassup guys, it’s Ella. I’m writing this at 12:00 am so please be gentle. This is also the second time writing this because I wrote the whole thing only to have it delete itself before publishing… Today was a good day to spend time together and refresh and reflect as a Redeemer Family. We started off the day by touring The Royal Palace of Godollo. We then headed to Budapest where we got our Metro tickets to do a little shopping and eating. We spent a lot of time walking-but hey we burned off some bread. I was able to get a half sweetened iced vanilla latte at Starbucks. Of course, it was better in Hungary.

This evening we went to an amazing restaurant where there was not only the best food I ate all week but live music and Hungarian folk dancing. I was able to laugh with my Redeemer family and watch my youth pastor attempt to dance on stage. This was a fantastic way to end the trip and unwind with the team and celebrate all that God has done this past week. After we got back to the hotel we were able to meet up with two old friends who had served as translators at the camp in years past and enjoy some ice cream and catching up.

Thank you all for your prayers!!!! We could not have done this without you guys! It is such a comfort knowing that you are thinking and praying for us! Please continue to pray for us as we travel back to you tomorrow! See you soon.

-Ella Avila

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