Hello everyone,

Today has been quite an eventful day as we had a cloudy day with little drizzles of rain but not enough to cause any instructions to be moved inside. We did our normal routines such as playing small games in sports and taught more English in the morning. However, some of us, including Brooks, Hannah, Clark, Gail, and I went to a water park with the campers while the others went to a village to see a small exhibit.

When we got to the water park, we thought the place was closed because there was barely anyone there and it was really cloudy so we just assumed…. But thank the Lord it was not and we did not have to face huge crowds of people. The most awesome part was that the sun came out while we were at the water park! Also, I had the chance to be with some of the Bible Institute students from the year I graduated. That was a great reunion. I also met some Bible Institute students that graduated this past June, which is also so great. Finally, I met a girl who works in the local church ministry and got to hang out with her at the water park.

Despite how tired we are or how much we feel like joy has run away from us, joy can always burst through — like the sun did today — even when just rays of it come through. We should be grateful and thankful for even the small things in life, including the people we meet.

Katherine Rodgers



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