Day 2 is an interesting day because we have gotten through the first day of meeting our students and trying to learn as many names as possible without embarrassing ourselves on how badly we pronounce them. The good thing is that they are very patient with us and quick to forgive us and even laugh how bad we sound. I am fortunate enough to lead the baseball effort and have to fill some big shoes that Charlie Reibenstein always filled (Charlie, you are dearly missed). Today we gave out the gloves — as Charlie loves to do — explaining to the players that these gloves were a free gift to them that they did not purchase, earn or deserve just like Jesus’s love and saving grace for all of us. I hope that I did a good job in your place Charlie, and I know you were there with me in spirit.

So we then divided up into teams, passed out the Dallas Cowboy hats and let the baseball begin! The great thing besides having my daughter Katherine and son Luke be coaches and watch them teach was that I could not help but overhear the football players cheering and yelling encouragement to their fellow players, so I knew that Tom and Brooks were doing a great job as well. Besides Brooks’ dad hurting his ankle in football, we have had no major injuries other than some sore arms and legs.

Later in the afternoon we had a special treat in that we were invited to Laci and Sandra’s home for a great dinner and fellowship. They made us feel so welcomed and have been helping us with any extra requests we have had, especially around recommendations and logistics for the rest of our trip. Our evening finished up with a camp gathering and presentation of the gospel to the campers. We saw several step forward. We know they will need all the prayers we can offer for them (including for the campers who did not profess this openly) to be encouraged and strengthened with their new walk!

– Clark Rodgers

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