gk – WOL Monday

Devotionals every morning: 7:30ish.

Please pray for Jennifer and Sheryl. It’s there first year here and they are overwhelmed. Having lots of material, but where to begin. Along with being exhausted.

I shared Janets wisdom, remembering I had  lots of ideas and where to go with it. Categorizing and keeping to one topic each day. And PRAY PRAY PRAY for direction.

A student was added to our group Tamara. She wanted to be with her friend Janka.

Ed was well received. A stuffed animal that students will take a picture of in different situations. Each will share in class what Ed did. ED belongs to Janet and is being well taken care of.

Preparation for class was too easy. Changed gears with Jake’s help. Thankfully the group has been challenged and learned. The group is very receptive., honest, and gave feedback on what they liked. This helps a lot.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Shalom Georgina


Greetings Redeemer Family,

I was so very tired last week. I am able to see such enthusiasm among the staff. I just hope I too am enthusiastic.

We are to continue praying for salvation, safety and unity. To reach those who are lost. Have a united goal, Jesus. Hope that there are no injuries this week.

96 campers were registered and the staff were praying for 100, praise God for those 100 campers. 49 campers are English students, 5 classes. I will teach with Jake and Denise and we presently have 8 students. They are 11- 13 years old.

The devotional tonight(I Illinois) shared about our global family, praising every tongue and every language with acknowledging our LORD. Every knee will bow…

See Philippians 2:10-11; Romans 14:11; Isaiah 45:23b.

Please pray for Jennifer, her feet are swollen…



Greetings Redeemer Family,

No news on the luggage. Bela brought them a bag full of necessities

I learned that Alan Green teaches Philippians at the Bible Institute, second year.

They go to McGregor Baptist in Ft. Myers, Florida.

They meet in the morning before breakfast, please pray I am able to attend .

This morning I was able to meet the ladies and gentlemen from Martinsville Bible Church in  Illinois. Names: Jennifer, Sherry, Dustin,Tracey ,Ray, Ella, Valerie and Patty.

There meeting time is in the evening.

Oh! I am paired up with a student from the Bible Institute, Jake. He has taught english in previous weeks.

I am preparing to go to camp church 10am

My kindle likes to use its own spelling. I hope to catch the errors.

Love in Christ,



Georgina… WOL


Two new teams arrived today. Please pray for the Florida team’s luggage to arrive. They are from Ft. Myers. There are seven members on their team Jill and Rod, Cary, Al, Logan, Denise and Carly. A very fun loving team.

We all went to Szentendre. We visited the museum SKANZEN, an Hungarian open air museum… several homes depicting  the periods, a windmill, tannery, a wedding scene(with an actual wedding happening) and spent a few hours there.

We also spent time in Szentendre shopping.

Our escort, translator, driver was Efraim. He had never been to Szentendre.

Tomorrow the campers arrive… please pray for each and every one… volunteer,staff,counselors,cooks and jokers…who did I lease out?



PS the other team is from I Illinois




Redeemer team departed Tóalmás this morning. Later today I’ll meet two new teams. Please pray for the safety of all who left today and the coming week.