Writing here early Wednesday: I ask myself, How can I bring glory to God? I’ll see what My LORD has to gives me to share. The day is young…

Yesterday I was blessed with three devotions… Our true hope, bringing glory to God and reaching for hope, no choice is a choice.

The hope in eternal life. Struggles, obstacles,weariness… the list can be exhaustive. My hope and faith in Jesus keeps me going. I have a superior example Job. I remember His promises and faithfulness. He never leaves me.

When I am passionate  and work wholeheartedly. I am creative. I do my best. My guide is there to bring boldness in whatever circumstance. I am reminded to pray to remember the goal. Magnify my LORD.

My life has had its challenges. Without God I was empty, an extremely sad person, wanting to die everyday. My life with my beloved ABBA, He has changed me. I grieve for those who chose not to follow in His steps. Everyone come. Jesus loves you soooo much. Just reach out He’s waiting.. Today, tomorrow and always..

Charlie you are remembered foundly(snack shack) open for business with grace abounding. I thank God.



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