Devotionals every morning: 7:30ish.

Please pray for Jennifer and Sheryl. It’s there first year here and they are overwhelmed. Having lots of material, but where to begin. Along with being exhausted.

I shared Janets wisdom, remembering I had  lots of ideas and where to go with it. Categorizing and keeping to one topic each day. And PRAY PRAY PRAY for direction.

A student was added to our group Tamara. She wanted to be with her friend Janka.

Ed was well received. A stuffed animal that students will take a picture of in different situations. Each will share in class what Ed did. ED belongs to Janet and is being well taken care of.

Preparation for class was too easy. Changed gears with Jake’s help. Thankfully the group has been challenged and learned. The group is very receptive., honest, and gave feedback on what they liked. This helps a lot.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Shalom Georgina

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