Greetings Redeemer Family,

No news on the luggage. Bela brought them a bag full of necessities

I learned that Alan Green teaches Philippians at the Bible Institute, second year.

They go to McGregor Baptist in Ft. Myers, Florida.

They meet in the morning before breakfast, please pray I am able to attend .

This morning I was able to meet the ladies and gentlemen from Martinsville Bible Church in  Illinois. Names: Jennifer, Sherry, Dustin,Tracey ,Ray, Ella, Valerie and Patty.

There meeting time is in the evening.

Oh! I am paired up with a student from the Bible Institute, Jake. He has taught english in previous weeks.

I am preparing to go to camp church 10am

My kindle likes to use its own spelling. I hope to catch the errors.

Love in Christ,



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