Hello everyone! First off thank you for keeping us in your prayers. This year we have been coaching baseball. We have passed out the gloves and the dallas cowboys shirts to all of the baseball students. While we were distributing the items Charlie Reibenstein was explaining how this is a gift of grace nobody deserves. The students were so grateful and pleased to not have earned this gift but given it anyways. Helping Charlie pass out these items every year and watching how the kids light up- never seems to get old. Tonight they had a drama event which led to Adám giving a devotional about accepting Christ right at that moment. He asked the students to come up to the front of the stage if they had accepted Christ but only if they felt led to. About fifty campers went up, seven of them being our baseball students, such as: Akós, Balint, Norbi, Mira, Levy, Jami, and Eliza. It was absolutely amazing and encouraging to witness our own students accept Christ into their lives. We were so overjoyed we didn’t want to leave the room. It will always be a great memory to talk about!

Ella Avila & Luke Rodgers

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