Well it’s hard to believe that we are already coming to the close of camp here in Hungary but oh what a final full day of camp it was!! We all rolled out of bed this morning wide awake and full of energy (This is not true) and we had the opportunity to serenade the camp with a beautiful rendition of 10,000 Reasons (Come at me Matt Redman). I have been coaching football this week and today us coaches put on the flags and went to battle on the gridiron with our Hungarian friends. 11 on 11 flag football is not the safest thing in the world and we all have the bruises to prove it but it was one of the funnest parts of camps for me and it was cool to see some of the students start taking on coaching roles themselves and encouraging their teammates! 

After our separate camps today, Laci and
Szandra had us over to their house for ice cream, cake, coffee and fruit (or as us Swedes like to call it, FIKA!!) This was such a pleasant time of fellowship and refreshment after a crazy week of camp! After we got back to camp we had our final football, baseball and english lessons. Many of those who are WOL vets had told me how much they enjoyed giving gifts to the students at the end and now I know why! For football, Clark had collected Texan flags (This Illinoian just received his first Texan flag himself) to give to the players which we were all able to sign and give to each other. Three of the guys also received
footballs for their hard work over the week. We were then surprised by the players who had gifts for us as well! Each of the players sincerely thanked us for coming to coach and care for them. One of the players told me “you guys are a light to us here in Hungary” hearing this was such an encouragement to hear after all the preparation and spiritual warfare we have experienced over the past several months and especially during the first few days of the mission.

We closed the night with a hotdog dinner and then a game of water baseball (slip and slide style) which was painful but so so fun! There was such joy throughout the camp and not because camp was ending but because of the relationships that had been developed, the lessons that had been learned and the love of Christ that is so prevalent throughout the camp.
We love you guys and are so thankful for your prayers and support! God is using this camp in so many amazing ways and hearing more about their vision moving forward fills me with such excitement! Please pray for God’s continual blessing upon this ministry as God’s name if lifted up at this camp.

~Brooks Nesse

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