A fourth trip to Hungary cannot be compared to the first, second or third; each one having its own special trials and blessings, and yes they often go hand in hand. Lorena and I have had the honor and privilege to teach seven (six girls and one boy) advanced English students. It can often be a challenge to teach those who already have a good grasp of our language. We want the time that they spend with us to be well spent so we found a list of twenty three new words that they had not learned yet, one of them being, ‘conundrum.’ They were very grateful to add these new words to their vocabulary. Mission accomplished!

Speaking of missions we have had a couple of opportunities to share with our class what our mission is. Yes, to teach them English, but more importantly to share the gospel. Today we stressed the importance of not turning away from what they have heard and what they have been given. We asked them to consider their salvation and to trust in a God who loves them and died for them. Please pray that God would tear down any strongholds or obstacles that would keep them from trusting in Christ. We thank you for the prayers that have been prayed for our trip and mission to WOL Hungary.

Gail Rodgers

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