August 5: Fourteen of the twenty two team members bound for Hungary arrived safely at Word of Life Camp in the wee hours of morning. Eight of the twenty two stayed behind overnight in London. It was not such smooth sailing this year for Redeemer’s Hungary missions team.

After a couple hours of sitting on the plane bound for Heathrow airport, the captain announces that everyone must exit the plane so he can reboot it. After a successful attempt at fixing the problem, which proved to be an error on the computer end, we all arrived in London, only to be told that the initial delay also meant we could not all fly in together to Budapest.

After the group separated, eight of us waited at Heathrow for further instructions. One of the eight, Kenedi, suddenly collapsed and started convulsing. Thankfully her large backpack softened the fall and prevented her from hitting her head. The medics arrived quickly and we all prayed anxiously. Kenedi and Bert then proceeded to go to the hospital, while the rest of us went on to a hotel. Kenedi and her family have a clean medical record of any epilepsy and seizures, so pray that her health will be restored. Unfortunately, Kenedi will not be joining us at camp, and she is scheduled to fly back to Dallas on August 8. Bert will fly into Budapest a little later on the same day.

Please be in prayer for all of us as we believe that spiritual warfare is very much alive. Pray for Kenedi’s safe return and good health, for Bing’s family in the recent loss of Auntie Tess, and for the Lord’s continued protection over our group. We are so thankful for the hospitality of the Reyes family and for God’s sovereignty amidst all the chaos. We begin English and sports classes tomorrow morning. Pray that our fruit here will be extra bountiful, and that Satan would be intimidated by our relentless work for the Lord, despite the obstacles we’ve faced and may continue to face. God is good and we are so grateful for His protection and sovereignty. May He be glorified!

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