Language barriers, cultural barriers, barriers, barriers, barriers. This is what I knew yesterday. I don’t speak Hungarian. I’m grossly unfamiliar with their context. How is this going to really work? Today I saw God move, my perspective was shaken and my doubt was replaced with trust. I could share several stories from today that quickened my faith but I have to talk about the picture above. We had around 10 people playing ‘Round Robin’ on the ping pong table after dinner this evening, the only language I heard was laughter! Game after game, more people joined in. I can’t say if this game had any eternal impact, but I can tell you we all had a blast! Just in the first full day of camp including football, baseball and English I saw walls come tumbling down. I look back on today and I say, “What barriers?” The Father enthroned in Heaven, Christ as King next to Him, and the Holy Spirit here giving testimony to the Truth! May Christ reign supreme in the lives of these campers! Please keep Laci in your prayers as he will speak tomorrow evening (around noon CT) and present the gospel! Our God is so good!

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