Michelle and I used to have a pack and play for the boys when they were smaller. It was the most complicated mechanism to break down and put away and eventually one day I was trying to pack it away and got frustrated and broke it. This week we are all anxiously awaiting our departure to Budapest from DFW this Friday evening! We are making our last preparations as we pack and get ready to go. I bring up the frustration of the pack and play to request your prayers. We are going to Hungary in the love of Christ to share the gospel. Our enemy does not want that to happen. And so I urge you to pray for us. Petition on our behalf to the Father for protection, both physical and spiritual. Ask him to thwart any plans of the evil one and pray He works on our hearts and sensitizes us to those around us who may not know His Son. Pray that when things don’t seem to be working right that we wouldn’t force it and break it, pray that our reliance and dependence would be on Him, that it wouldn’t be the quality of our faith but the object of our faith that acts in us and through us, He is able, He is faithful! Pray for us.

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