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Football and Jesus

This week has been so much fun, I had forgotten how much I enjoy coaching! It has been truly incredible to see how far these guys have come since Monday, which for some was their first time throwing or catching a football. By Thursday night they were running play...

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I Speak Hungarian

My Hungarian is coming along nicely. Just kidding. I want you all to meet Tamás (Thomas). He is my translator this week and the reason I can truthfully say, "I speak Hungarian." Without him, it would be very difficult to coach football and build the relationships with...

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Any Cowboys Fans in Hungary?

One of my highlights here in Hungary is when the Word of Life campers show up and register they usually get a camp themed shirt, but in addition to those, they had an extra table with some Dallas Cowboy shirts waiting for them. I showed up with 160 shirts that were...

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What Barriers?

Language barriers, cultural barriers, barriers, barriers, barriers. This is what I knew yesterday. I don't speak Hungarian. I'm grossly unfamiliar with their context. How is this going to really work? Today I saw God move, my perspective was shaken and my doubt was...

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What does your heart beat for?

Today was our first official day here at Word of Life camp. This morning we worshiped together with the counselors and staff members here at the camp and were asked two important questions by Snail (the Director of Word of Life Hungary, Laci's boss!), "what does your...

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5,630 Miles

We left Dallas on Friday around 10pm and arrived here in Toalmas, Hungary around 9pm (2pm CT) last night. 5,630 miles in 17 hours. I can only imagine what Paul and missionaries from the first 1900 years after Christ would think! We have much to be thankful for,...

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