In August each year a team of 20 or so travel to Tóalmás, Hungary to partner with Word of Life Hungary for their youth summer camp. We have the privilege and honor of helping to teach English and coach both Baseball and American Football while the camp program and its counselors share the gospel and disciple the youth campers throughout the week. Translators are present. If you are interested in joining us, please contact our Missions Leadership Team.

Fellowship in Budapest

Wassup guys, it’s Ella. I’m writing this at 12:00 am so please be gentle. This is also the second time writing this because I wrote the whole thing only to have it delete itself before publishing… Today was a good day to spend time together and refresh and reflect as a Redeemer Family. We started off the day by touring The Royal Palace of Godollo. We then headed to Budapest where we got our Metro tickets to do a little shopping and eating. We spent a lot of time walking-but hey we burned off some bread. I was able to get a half sweetened iced vanilla latte at Starbucks. Of course, it was better in Hungary.

This evening we went to an amazing restaurant where there was not only the best food I ate all week but live music and Hungarian folk dancing. I was able to laugh with my Redeemer family and watch my youth pastor attempt to dance on stage. This was a fantastic way to end the trip and unwind with the team and celebrate all that God has done this past week. After we got back to the hotel we were able to meet up with two old friends who had served as translators at the camp in years past and enjoy some ice cream and catching up.

Thank you all for your prayers!!!! We could not have done this without you guys! It is such a comfort knowing that you are thinking and praying for us! Please continue to pray for us as we travel back to you tomorrow! See you soon.

-Ella Avila

Let the Fun Begin

Hi this is Luke Rodgers and today I will be talking about the last day of camp. For baseball, football, and volleyball we let the kids play against the coaches and translators. The kids absolutely loved it. After the games we handed out Texas flags, and signed each other’s shirts and hats as we said goodbye.

When all the midday activities were done, the whole camp came together to watch the camp highlight video of the whole week. After the video, everyone went outside for dinner, games, and fellowship.

This trip has been such an amazing time and I have learned so much from this past week. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, Redeemer family.
– Luke


The 2019 Redeemer Hungary Team


The Redeemer team served alongside the team from Stonebridge Church (pastored by Brook’s Dad)


Brooks with his dad, Scott, and his aunt, Julie

When Cloudy Days Turn to Joy

Hello everyone,

Today has been quite an eventful day as we had a cloudy day with little drizzles of rain but not enough to cause any instructions to be moved inside. We did our normal routines such as playing small games in sports and taught more English in the morning. However, some of us, including Brooks, Hannah, Clark, Gail, and I went to a water park with the campers while the others went to a village to see a small exhibit.

When we got to the water park, we thought the place was closed because there was barely anyone there and it was really cloudy so we just assumed…. But thank the Lord it was not and we did not have to face huge crowds of people. The most awesome part was that the sun came out while we were at the water park! Also, I had the chance to be with some of the Bible Institute students from the year I graduated. That was a great reunion. I also met some Bible Institute students that graduated this past June, which is also so great. Finally, I met a girl who works in the local church ministry and got to hang out with her at the water park.

Despite how tired we are or how much we feel like joy has run away from us, joy can always burst through — like the sun did today — even when just rays of it come through. We should be grateful and thankful for even the small things in life, including the people we meet.

Katherine Rodgers



Wednesday, August 7th

Hello Everyone,

First off, a  huge “Thank You” to all who have been praying for me and the team this week. It has been a wonderful experience. Even though it’s my 5th year to Word of Life, I always have new experiences and new people to meet. Sunday afternoon, I bonded right away with Brooks’ dad’s church. They’re all super sweet and we became friends right away.

This week, Kyle and I have been teaching together and we are with the beginner group. It’s been a lot of fun and our students have been learning a lot in these last two days. This afternoon, we taught them the days of the weeks and months in English.

This evening, we had a cook-out and hamburgers for dinner. We also watched some of the football and baseball games that some of our team and some of the team from Rockford, IL have been coaching.

We have two more days of camp before we depart the camp and head to Budapest for the day and our last night in Europe.

Thank you again to everyone who has been praying for us.

In Christ, Hannah Regier

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15 (ESV)

English Group

Day 2

Day 2 is an interesting day because we have gotten through the first day of meeting our students and trying to learn as many names as possible without embarrassing ourselves on how badly we pronounce them. The good thing is that they are very patient with us and quick to forgive us and even laugh how bad we sound. I am fortunate enough to lead the baseball effort and have to fill some big shoes that Charlie Reibenstein always filled (Charlie, you are dearly missed). Today we gave out the gloves — as Charlie loves to do — explaining to the players that these gloves were a free gift to them that they did not purchase, earn or deserve just like Jesus’s love and saving grace for all of us. I hope that I did a good job in your place Charlie, and I know you were there with me in spirit.

So we then divided up into teams, passed out the Dallas Cowboy hats and let the baseball begin! The great thing besides having my daughter Katherine and son Luke be coaches and watch them teach was that I could not help but overhear the football players cheering and yelling encouragement to their fellow players, so I knew that Tom and Brooks were doing a great job as well. Besides Brooks’ dad hurting his ankle in football, we have had no major injuries other than some sore arms and legs.

Later in the afternoon we had a special treat in that we were invited to Laci and Sandra’s home for a great dinner and fellowship. They made us feel so welcomed and have been helping us with any extra requests we have had, especially around recommendations and logistics for the rest of our trip. Our evening finished up with a camp gathering and presentation of the gospel to the campers. We saw several step forward. We know they will need all the prayers we can offer for them (including for the campers who did not profess this openly) to be encouraged and strengthened with their new walk!

– Clark Rodgers

First Day with the Campers

Today was our first day with the campers. The football and baseball coaches met their players; some experienced some not. English teachers met their students and determined their ability to speak and use the English language. These first meetings can be awkward and scary for both camper and teacher/coach alike.

Slowly you take your first steps and trust that everything is going to be okay. As we prepared for our trip to Hungary God reminded me often of Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. With this in mind you take the next step, and there is eye contact; then the next step and there is a smile; then the next, laughter. The connection is made and you move on to the next thing; acceptance, a bond, and then you are well on your way. This may take a few minutes, but for some a little longer. But it happens, just like that, and you begin to understand why you are here. Why you put in all the months of effort and sacrifice; Yes, to share the gospel ( I mean it is a mission trip, right?), but it is so much more! God invites you to take a look into His heart and to see the love that He has for us all!

He is at work in ways we cannot imagine, and we get to be a part of what He is doing! Yeah, I think that sums up today pretty well.

Gail Rodgers

And So the Work Begins….

The team started off the morning with a worship service at the WOL camp, followed by orientation for the English teachers and organization of supplies for the athletic coaches. A whirlwind of activity started as the campers arrived mid-afternoon to check in and get settled. The English teachers helped with testing the campers’ skill level to place them in the appropriate classes. Campers and counselors alike were thrilled to receive the gift of the Dallas Cowboys t-shirts that we brought with us and it was fun to see the excitement on their faces. Tonight, we are preparing the lessons for tomorrow and will meet our students right after breakfast.

We are grateful for your prayers:  Clark was able to go to the airport first thing in the morning and retrieve the missing bag, which had all supplies intact!  Praise the Lord!

The theme this year is “Superheros” and the camp is filled with images from Marvel cartoons.The dining hall is especially fantastic as they painted the walls with various popular superheros.  I have included some photos so you all can see how fun it looks.  My favorite one is over the doors to the kitchen and is easily seen from every seat in the dining hall.  It is a picture of Jesus talking with four superheros, who are listening to Him intently.  The Hungarian writing above it says, translated in English,  “… and that’s how I saved the world.”

Our prayer requests for tonight/tomorrow are:   for us to adjust to the time change quickly so we can be fully present for the campers.  We pray for protection for the campers and everyone on the WOL campus.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to open hearts so that the campers can begin to grasp God’s deep love for them, and can desire a relationship with Him through Jesus. Please pray also for unity among the groups here to volunteer and for the camp staff, that we would clearly demonstrate the love of God through our actions.

Thank you for holding us up in prayer!

-Kyle Renard

Dining Hall Artwork


Chow time


Worshipping in Hungarian


Jesus teaching the good news to the Avengers

We Made It!!!!!

Well it is currently 3:51 am and I am wide awake and in the midst of being wide awake, it dawned on me “I forgot to post on the blog!!!” I am going to make this brief as I am not functioning at 100% and I’m already forgetting how to spel, so here we go:

Traveling was overall very smooth. A big thank you to Anna Russell, Glen Clark and Blake Muehlich for driving us off to DFW and for the rest of those who prayed us off from the church Friday evening. Flight from Dallas to London was without any dramatics but there was some doubt we were going to make our connecting from London to Budapest but the flight was delayed long enough that we didn’t have to sprint through the airport (remember last year?!?!). We arrived in Budapest around 6:50pm where Laci and Szandra picked us up from the airport and from there we picked up some groceries and then had some fine Hungarian cuisine at Burger King. Once we arrived at the castle I had a neat moment getting to see my dad!!! The church I attend back in Illinois has also sent a team of 10 that we get to serve alongside. It is going to be such a blessing serving with my church from back home and alongside my dad once again. We then all got into our assigned rooms and proceeded to pass out.

We do have some things we need you to pray about: 1. After we made it to the castle, we realized we had left one of our bags at the airport…Please pray that bag will be in our possession by the end of Sunday as it has important coaching equipment for the week. But on a high note, we didn’t have any of our luggage make it last year, so we are improving!! 2. We were not able to exchange money yesterday as the exchangers closed before we could get there, please pray we can get all of that and other logistics settled. 3. We were also devastated to hear about what happened in El Paso. Much to pray about. Looking to Him who is still on His throne as we pray for all involved and for Texas.

Sunday has plenty in store for us as we will attend church at the camp, go through some quick orientation and fill out some paper work before the campers start coming to register. Please also pray that the Lord uses the final hours before these youth come to prepare their hearts for all that God has in store for them this week and that we as His servant would make the most of every opportunity and always be prepared to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ. You all have played such an important role in sending us. You are all a part of this mission! We may be the 10 pair of boots on the ground but we are fueled by the prayers you lift up and spurred on by your love, encouragement and support! Love y’all and God bless


Garage Sale, May 31

Garage Sale, One Day Only in the Redeemer Parking Lot

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Drop-Off of Donations is on Thursday, May 30 9am-6pm

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Questions: Call Gail (214) 543-0841 or Kyle (214) 727-2680

Our 2019 Team

Introducing the 2019 Hungary Mission Trip team. We’re excited to return to Word of Life summer camp in August. Pray for us! If you haven’t already done so, go to the YOUR PART page and sign up for the automatic blog update emails. The blog posts from each day will arrive right in your email box!

Front L-R: Lorena and Ella Avila, Katherine Rodgers, Hannah Regier
Back L-R: Luke Rodgers, Tom and Kyle Renard, Brooks Nesse, Gail and Clark Rodgers

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